Purchase Agreement

Image Rights: Digital files and printed images purchased from ASA Photographic are meant for personal use only (unless specific rights have been expressly purchased from ASA Photographic). Any other uses of the image(s) via any medium and by whatever means, the distortion, alteration, cropping or manipulation of the whole or any part of the images, and the creation of any derivative work from, or that incorporates the image without the express written consent or specifically purchased rights from ASA Photographic is illegal and the violator may be prosecuted. ASA Photographic retains all rights to the image(s) unless specific rights have been expressly purchased.

Social Media: Acknowledging the venue of social media such as, but not limited to, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram, Tumblr, blogging, personal or business websites, and online galleries, ASA Photographic allows the purchase the right to post images that feature primarily the purchaser of the digital file(s), their immediate family and/or their dependents. "File Sharing” and/or the posting of images of multiple person(s) that are not immediate family of, children of, dependents of the purchaser or of themselves (i.e. cast photos, small group photos, wide scene shots including multiple persons…) from downloaded files, scanned prints or files obtained from any purchased media, electronic or otherwise, from ASA Photographic is not allowed and is considered unauthorized "File Sharing”. In cases where the purchaser, purchaser's dependents, friends or affiliates abuses these rights, ASA Photographic reserves the right to prosecute said parties and/or refuse to grant the sale of any future product to the purchaser and/or the parties in violation of the above stated terms of use.

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